Crypto Rules!

By December 11, 2017 No Comments
  1. Only invest what you can lose.
  2. Secure your online accounts with 2fa, use google authentication or even better Authy. Do not use SMS as 2fa.
  3. If you keep your crypto on the exchanges only leave there what you can afford to lose.
  4. Secure the crypto you can’t afford to lose with a hardware wallet, Ledgerwallet.com is the one with most cryptocurrencies,I personally use it and suggest it.
  5. Before sending out any crypto check always the receiver address 4 times, check that the first 3 and last 3 digits are correct and never leave any black spaces (your crypto could be lost forever)
  6. Save your tx key while waiting to receive your crypto, take a screenshot of it if you’re sending crypto out of an exchange.
  7. When you install a new wallet, save your seed on a piece of paper,do not write all the secret words and memorize some of them
  8. After you installed a new wallet do not send it immediately any crypto, instead reinstall it and input again the seed
  9. On a new wallet send always first a small amount of crypto, only what you could afford to lose
  10. Be smart about your investment and do always your own research!

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