How to sign up on HitBTC

By December 23, 2017 4 Comments

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  • Paul says:

    Hi there. Following with great interest, as we’re doing a mini version at work with £100 and 10 VCs. Just wondering how you get your BTC out of Coinbase into the likes of HitBTC without incurring massive fees? With only £100 to play with, a £15 fee to move between Coinbase and HitBTC is wiping out much of my stake!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      Did you check if you can get these 10 cryptos with ETH? With a small investment doing it with ETH would lover the fees.

  • Jess says:

    The problem is getting account verified. Heard 3 weeks also not verify, how did you get yours so fast?

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