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By January 29, 2018 19 Comments

Many of you have been asking how to run the “Buy and Hold 100 cryptocurrencies for 5 years” experiment, where exactly to buy the cryptos and how to actually get started. To make the whole process easier I decided to make a tutorial in details, where all your doubts and obstacles should be finally gone.

First of all, let me explain you on what the experiment consist. On December 8, 2017, I invested $1000 USD on the top 100 cryptocurrencies based on the market cap, buying $10 of each. Instead of selling them with a profit, I will just wait 5 years and see what happens with it.

We will divide this tutorial into few steps.

  • Where to start?
  • How to buy Bitcoin?
  • Exchanges needed to buy all the cryptocurrencies

Where to start?

First of all, you should have a clear understanding on what cryptocurrencies you want to invest, as I already mentioned before I simply bought the top 100 by market cap, if you want to do something similar, you can check and see what the top 100 cryptos are at the moment. If you want to get the same cryptocurrencies I got, then I’m going to list all of them for you and point you to the right exchange to get them. After that, you will need to buy some Bitcoins and use part of it to buy the other cryptocurrencies. So let’s get started.

How to buy Bitcoin?

If you want to use a debit/credit card the easiest and quickest way would be to do it with Coinbase.
(if you need help follow the tutorial

Otherwise, if you want to buy it with cash or alternative payment methods, such as PayPal, Skrill, Alipay, Postepay, Dwolla, Venmo, Vanilla, Square Cash, etc. etc. I suggest you check out Localbitcoins

Once you got some Bitcoins you need to send them to the other exchanges to buy the cryptocurrencies.Don’t worry I’m going to guide you through this.

Exchanges needed to buy all the cryptocurrencies

We’re going to use 5 exchanges to buy all the cryptocurrencies we need to do the experiment. If you already have the accounts you can skip to the next step

  1. Make an account on Binance , if you need help follow the tutorial 
  2. Make an account on Kucoin , if you need help follow the tutorial 
  3. Make an account on Hitbtc ,  if you need help follow the tutorial 
  4. Make an account on Cryptopia
  5. Make an account on Bittrex

If you want to know exactly how many cryptocurrencies you can get from each exchange, here is the breakdown

Just one thing you should know before starting, many exchanges have high fees to withdrawal cryptocurrencies, sometimes it can be $4-5 so if you’re doing the experiment with only $10 for each cryptos then I suggest you to keep them on the exchange for now. But I noticed that Kucoin fees for withdrawals cryptocurrencies are way lower then any other exchanges, so if you’re running the experiment with a little amount of money like I did and don’t want to keep your coins on the exchange then It’s best to buy on Kucoin as many cryptos as possible.
0x ZRX Binance
Aeternity AE HitBTC
Aragon ANT HitBTC
Ark ARK Binance
Augur REP HitBTC
Bancor BNT Binance
Basic Attention BAT Binance
Binance Coin BNB Binance
BitBay BAY Cryptopia
Bitcoin Cash BCH Binance
Bitcoin Gold BTG Binance
BitcoinDark BTCD Cryptopia
Bitconnect BCC HitBTC
Bitshare BTS Binance
Blocknet BLOCK Bittrex
Byteball Bytes GBYTE Bittrex
Bytecoin BCN HitBTC
Bytom BTM Kucoin
Cardano ADA Binance
ChainLink LINK Binance
Civic CVC Kucoin
Counterparty XCP Bittrex
Cryptonex CNX HitBTC
Dash DASH Binance
Decentraland MANA Binance
Decred DCR Cryptopia
DigiByte DGB Kucoin
DigixDAO DGD Binance
Dogecoin DOGE HitBTC
Edgeless EDG HitBTC
Einsteinum EMC2 Cryptopia
EOS EOS Binance
Ethereum ETH Binance
Ethereum Classic ETC Binance
Exchange Union XUC HitBTC
Factom FCT Cryptopia
Funfair FUN Binance
GameCredits GAME Cryptopia
Gas GAS Kucoin
Gnosis GNO HitBTC
Golem GNT Cryptopia
Groesltcoin GRS Cryptopia
GXShares GXS Binance
Hshare HSR Kucoin
Iconomi ICN Binance
IOTA IOT Binance
Komodo KMD Binance
Kyber Network KNC Kucoin
Lisk LSK Binance
Litecoin LTC Binance
Loopring LRC Binance
MaidsafeCoin MAID HitBTC
Metal MTL Binance
Metaverse ETP HitBTC
Monaco MCO Binance
Monacoin MONA Bittrex
Monero XMR HitBTC
Nav Coin NAV Cryptopia
NEO NEO Kucoin
Nexus NXS Cryptopia
Omnisego OMG Binance
ParticL PART Bittrex
Peercoin PPC HitBTC
PIVX PIVX Cryptopia
Populous PPT Kucoin
PotCoin POT Cryptopia
Power Ledger POWR Kucoin
Pura PURA Kucoin
Qtum QTUM Binance
Quantumstamp QSP Kucoin
Raiden Network RDN Kucoin
Request Network REQ Kucoin
Revain R Kucoin
Ripple XRP Bittrex
Siacoin SC HitBTC
SingularDTV SNGLS Binance
Skycoin SKY Cryptopia
Status SNT Kucoin
Stellar Lumens XLM Binance
Storj STORJ Binance
Stratis STRAT Binance
Substratum SUB Kucoin
Syscoin SYS Bittrex
TenX PAY Kucoin
TRON TRX Binance
VeChain VEN Binance
Verge XVG Binance
Veritaseum VERI HitBTC
Vertcoin VTC Bittrex
Viacoin VIA Bittrex
Walton WTC Kucoin
Waves WAVES Binance
Zcash ZEC HitBTC
Zcoin XZC Binance
If you want to suggest something to make this tutorial easier to understand, please go ahead.

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