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Week 6 – $1761 USD gained

By January 19, 2018 5 Comments

It’s the 6th week since the experiment started and this might have been the craziest one, just last week I was wondering if there will ever be a smooth week and since then a lot has happened!

The South Korean ban together with the Re-ban from China has brought a lot of fear and insecurities on the crypto world, bringing Bitcoin (BTC) price as low as $9.561.40 USD. But BTC was not the only one affected, all the cryptocurrencies suffered a massive price correction. The gain of the experiment plummeted to $1147 USD on day 40, that was the lowest since day 15.

To go into details about the experiment, the overall gain is $1761 USD (176%) or 0.16 BTC.
Only 13 Cryptocurrencies are in minus since the beginning of the experiment, one of which is the Bitconnect (BCC), after closing the lending and exchange platform the price reached the bottom, looking like it’s going to change any time soon! This might have been one of the biggest Ponzi / Scam in the crypto world.

With an overall gain of 176%, the 100 cryptocurrencies together (CryptoETF100) performed better than 76 cryptos from the ones I have.

Let’s talk about our Top5 cryptocurrencies.

Tron (TRX) is for the 3rd week in a row the best gainer. Six weeks ago I bought 2500 TRX with $10.04.  2500 TRX are worth now $209.22, a gain of 1984.58 %

TRX was one of the cryptos that recovered the best from the big dip of a few days ago, many new cooperations keep coming up and the Cryptodoggies Game will finally be released in English on the 22nd.

Verge (XVG) after all the FUD around the missed due lines and the Wraith Protocol not working as it should, has finally come up clean! One XVG is now worth $0.10, I first bought it 5 weeks ago at $0.0079 giving the experiment a gain of 1313.50 %.

Vechain (VEN) is now stabilized on our Top5,  when I bought it 6 weeks ago, I got with $10.11 USD , 18 (VEN), at the time the price was of $ 0.56 , right now the price is $5.63, so the 18 VEN is now worth $101.36 a major gain of 902.20 %.

Ripple (XRP) was the crypto that with Stellar (XLM) recovered the best, the price is back at $1.59 USD. With a gain of 618.60 % makes it one of the best gainers on the experiment.

Finally on the 5th position a new entry, 0x Protocol (ZRX). With its innovative protocol that allows anyone to create a decentralized exchange, it’s having a big momentum and might be one of the most promising tokens of the future.

Top 5 cryptocurrencies so far :

  1. Tron (TRX)  +1984.58 % , from $10.04 to $209.22
  2. Verge (XVG)  +1313.50 % , from $9.62 to $135.98
  3. VeChain (VEN) +902.20 % , from 10.11  to $101.36
  4. Ripple (XRP) +618.60 % , from 633.84 % to $70.05
  5. Ox (ZRX) +568.06 % , from $9.99 to $66.72

Worst 5 cryptocurrencies so far :

  1. Next (NXT) -46.37 % , from $9.89 to $5.30
  2. Pura (PURA) -50.86 % , from $9.62 to $4.73
  3. Mona (MONA)  -52.87 % , from $9.76 to $4.60
  4. Einsteinium (EMC2) -68.39 % , from $9.51 to $3.01
  5. Bitconnect (BCC) -90.47 % , from $9.93 to $0.95

A recap of all the 100 Cryptocurrencies and how they are performing against USD

A recap of all the 100 Cryptocurrencies and how they are performing against BTC

Balance by day in USD :

Balance by day in BTC :

I made a tutorial on how to start your experiment : 

Otherwise in short this is how I started the experiment  :

  • Got $ 1000 USD in Bitcoin from Coinbase (It’s probably the fastest way to get some, they accept debit cards and it’s almost used worldwide)
  • Used part of the Bitcoins to buy the other cryptocurrencies/altcoins
  • I used Binance , Kucoin and Hitbtc to buy most of the cryptocurrencies
  • All the others on Mercatox , Cryptopia
  • Another part on Bittrex
  • Added all the trades on


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